Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quick Fixes

I've taken a partial baking vacation this past week and plan to do so in the coming week, baking just a few different kinds of bread for my shelves at Local Roots and not a whole lot else.  I sort of miss the luxury of having about a week and a half completely off work as I did when I worked at the library, but there are ways of getting a little extra time off now that my schedule is more flexible.

Of course, even though I wasn't taking as much to market, I was still doing some work behind the scenes.  Since I'm teaching a class on making whole grain biscuits and scones at Today's Kitchen Store on January 12, I needed to finish testing and tweaking recipes.

And, well, someone has to sample the results!

I worked out the basic scone recipe (with eggnog and pecans, yum!) just before Christmas, but I needed to tweak the cappuccino hazelnut scone recipe again (above).  Oh, darn.  And though I've got the biscuit recipe pretty well perfected, it's hard to resist making cheddar buttermilk biscuits whenever possible.

Because, you know, when you have leftover chili, you need cheddar biscuits.  You do.

Finally, I tested my last recipe, a semi-original recipe for orangette scones using some of the candied orange peel I made last week.  While you might think a whole grain scone loaded with chocolate would be dense, these actually turned out beautifully light and flaky.  Rich, yes, but ethereally so.

(I confess, after having a test scone from that batch, I did give the rest away, mostly to the gracious ladies at the public library.  I just couldn't let myself be tempted any more!)

So now I have all my recipes tested, my handout written up, my prep lists together -- and I am ready to go forth and teach.

Hungry yet?

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