Sunday, November 11, 2012

Slow Ginger

No matter how long I've been seeking out, supporting, and loving local foods, I continue to be surprised by what can be sourced locally.  Local Roots has been a huge help in providing some of these things, but it's especially exciting to see what new things local farmers are willing to try.

Case in point: ginger.

I know, who would have thought you could buy fresh, locally grown baby ginger here in northeast Ohio?  But it's true.  It's apparently becoming a new trend for small farmers, and I for one say, "Huzzah!"

So I splurged and bought two little packages of ginger.  I chopped up one and froze the pieces, then shredded part of one and froze the shreds in ice cubes.

The rest?  Well, that was for cooking...

You know, for making things like really awesome fried rice with local greens and slices of sweet potato from the garden.  Heaven, basically.

Slow food?  Local food?  It's amazing what you'll find...

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