Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New and Improved

Business keeps me busy these days in a big way.  But I love it!  And I love being able to continue experimenting with the baking and such -- and to have customers respond favorably.

What's new?

--I finally developed a multigrain bread I'm happy with.  Based on the various struan recipes in Peter Reinhart's books, it incorporates whole spelt flour, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, cornmeal, rolled oats, cooked brown basmati rice, local yogurt, and local sorghum molasses.  It's dense, but the flavor is incredible!

--I've come up with a holiday tea blend that tops any orange-cinnamon spice tea you can name.  Seriously, it's that good.  Called Yuletide Revels, it takes a robust Assam tea and blends it with organic roasted cacao nibs, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, lemon verbena, and bronze fennel.  So delicious and warming!

--I have two new artisan breads for the fall and winter months: cranberry-almond (with a hint of orange peel) and pumpkin seed-sage (with the seeds and sage toasted lightly in butter).  I am loving the leftovers toasted!

I've been tweaking recipes, too:

--I'm getting better at making the whole wheat tortillas (using pastry flour), so I've been selling them at Local Roots.  A couple of my regulars from the outdoor market stopped me recently and told me how much they loved these tortillas -- and proceeded to clean the rest of them off my shelf!  (I do love happy customers.)

--I'm testing biscuit and scone recipes to prepare for my class in January at Today's Kitchen Store.  Oh, hardship...

What fun!

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