Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dough Not Let This Go To Waste

I taught a class on artisan breads at Today's Kitchen Store this morning -- the first of two sessions, it's been such a popular offering!  The recipes have been pretty simple, with only two variations on a basic theme, but I had fun showing the class the many different ways to shape or embellish such good doughs.

Because I start the class with dough already prepared and ready to shape, things get a little backwards.  I show them how to shape the dough, bake the first loaves, and then make fresh batches of dough.  While the one dough will get used in Monday's baking for market, though, the other dough (the 100% whole wheat one) does not.

What to do, what to do?

Here's what to do:

Homemade hot pockets, that's what.

I was crazy tired when I got home as I'd been running around all day, but I needed to use up this dough.  So I threw together a filling of onion, greens, smoked turkey a friend gave me from her sampling today, and a bit of cheese.  I divided the dough into fourths and pressed them out into circles, then filled one side, flipped the other over, and sealed the edges.  A light egg wash finished the turnover, and I baked them off while I cleaned and collapsed.

Granted, they're more on the bready side than your usual "hot pocket" -- but they were oh so good!  (Even My Dear Papa approved.)

Now that's a handy lunch!

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