Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sharing a Pizza Harvest

I'm a fan of homemade pizza, if you haven't learned that already.  Nothing beats a fresh homemade crust, good homemade sauce, fresh vegetables, lots of cheese... hmmm, I'm getting hungry!

I used to be pretty boring in how I topped my pizzas, though.  "Give me broccoli or give me death" seemed to be my motto.  But I've learned to appreciate other garden-fresh toppings, too.

Here are two recent examples:

Using some of my artisan bread dough, I made a pizza with sauteed arugula and chard and nasturtium leaves, then added some nasturtium petals to the mix for an extra peppery bite.

Even once the pizza was baked, some of that brilliant nasturtium color came through.  And the taste?  Yeah!  I'll do that again!

Then with earthy fall vegetables becoming the predominant produce in my refrigerator, I whipped up this version with sauteed kale and arugula (with a splash of really good balsamic vinegar), sliced golden beets -- yes, you read that right, beets -- some tangy Shropshire Blue cheese found at West Point Market in a recent excursion, and sliced almonds.  I know, it sounds just a little odd, but it was incredibly delicious and savory and yes, I'll have more, please, now!

Do you get adventurous in your pizza creations?  What do you enjoy?

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