Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Puree and Simple

I've said this before about being a producer at Local Roots, but it holds true for being a producer at the outdoor market, too -- end-of-market trades are a wonderful bonus!

Before I started selling at the outdoor market this year, I knew several of the farmers and other folks already.  This year I've had the chance to get to know some of the others a little better, and I've found that pretty much all of them are happy to bargain at the end of the morning for a little homemade bread.

This past weekend, the Cheerful Lady let me know that she had a bag of onion seconds she'd be willing to give me since she knows that (A) I use local produce in my baking and (B) I preserve a lot for winter.  Since I'd already bought a quart of mixed hot peppers from my neighbor at the market, I thought this was a pretty good deal, especially if she were willing to take some leftover bread off my hands.  (She was.)

So I spent time Sunday morning with rubber gloves on my hands as I peeled and chopped onions, then seeded and chopped poblanos, Hungarian wax, and jalapeno peppers.  I pulled out the mini food processor and made batches of pureed onions and peppers together, then packed them into plastic freezer bags for later use in curries and other dishes.

As you can see, I now have a quart bag of onion and poblano puree, and smaller amounts with the other two kinds of hot peppers.  When I'm ready, I should be able to hack a chunk off to throw into a soup pot or to thaw and saute as the precursor to something spicy.  It's all part of my heating plan for the winter.

That was easy!

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