Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heir Transparent

I love getting my weekly delivery of farm-fresh and bartered goodies from my friend the Delighted Gardener.  She not only keeps me stocked with herbs for my baking and tea blends, but she also provides seasonal produce, homemade yogurt (from her family's Jersey herd), handmade paper, colorful bouquets, and other treats.  Usually she gives me a choice from what's available, and sometimes I simply tell her, "Surprise me!"

She recently did a little of both.

In last week's offering, she brought me a quart basket of her homegrown Transparent apples.  Years ago, the Chef Mother told me that Transparents make some of the best applesauce, so when I saw these little green beauties, I thought I'd honor her memory and make a small batch.

Those of you who know your apples might point out that if green, Transparents aren't actually fully ripe.  And indeed, these made a fairly tart sauce.  But I wasn't done yet...

I had some red raspberries leftover from the farmers' market, and since they were pushing their "best by" date (unlabeled, of course, but you could tell), I thought to add them to the applesauce for a little extra color.  What a gorgeous surprise!  The sauce turned out a vivid fuschia color, full of flavor and, yes, more than its share of tartness.

But oh, how good it was!

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