Thursday, June 21, 2012

Suits Me to a Tea

I've been making herbal tea blends to sell at Local Roots for a while now, but over the winter started making blends with local herbs and certified organic/fair trade black, green, white, and red teas.  So as you can see, my shelf space at the market has expanded to display these different blends.

So far, the response has been very favorable.  Every other week or so, I have to restock at least one and usually more of the blends since they are close to selling out.  I tell you, all my problems should be this wonderful...

And now that summer is here -- and since I have a big bag of big press & brew tea bags -- I decided to try my hand at making sun tea bags with those same blends.  I've started with just a few blends, ones that I knew would brew very easily as sun tea: Earl's Garden (Earl Grey with lavender), Green Light (Gunpowder Green tea with spearmint and nettles), and maybe White Dragon (white peony with tarragon).

Of course, I've been enjoying the test batches!  So I might just have to try more -- and that suits me just fine.

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