Sunday, June 03, 2012

Making My Market

My baking business continues to grow at a reasonable pace: enough to challenge me, but not to overwhelm me.  The latest addition to my business routine has been to prepare for this year's downtown farmers' market on the square.

Now I bake Sunday or Monday through Thursday or so for Local Roots, and on Friday I dedicate a good chunk of the baking day to preparing for the Saturday morning market.  Friday had been something of a light work day for me before, so this addition works out well.

Yesterday, for my first-ever market, I thought I'd planned a "light" baking schedule.  Turns out I made 2 dozen loaves of bread, as well as crackers, croissants, and dessert bars, so I filled the table!  The breads were the first to sell out, and I kept track of which varieties sold out when (starting just after 9 AM, believe it or not) so that I can plan for previous weeks.  (Note to self: raisin-walnut is a keeper!)

I brought some samples (in the basket), which really helped to start conversations with new customers and convinced some new folks to buy loaves to take home.  I also had slips about my upcoming TKS cooking classes, and I think a few people were interested in those.

We had great weather (if a bit windy) for the market, and I found myself parked between a friend who sells goat-milk soaps and lotions and a new couple selling home-roasted coffee.  And this was my view -- you might almost think yourself somewhere in Europe with that architecture and the artisan breads, but no, the U.S. Route 30 sign is a dead giveaway that we're still here in Small Town, USA.

By fifteen minutes before the close of the market, I sold my last item -- a complete sell-out on Week 1!  Needless to say, it was a wonderful vindication of my choice to try out the market this year, and I am looking forward to next week's market day.

It just keeps getting better...

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