Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time to Grow Up

I've been playing catch up all month in the garden.  Between the ever-changeable weather and my usual laziness, it's taken me a while to gather my seeds while I may and to plant them, too.

But here's a look at the gardens at this point:

In garden #1, the new part of the bed is filling in nicely with onions, Scarlet Queen turnips, golden beets, and broccoli.  Hard to tell in this photo, I know.  So far the mint is staying within bounds, but I don't expect that to last long.

At the other end of the garden -- no photo -- I planted two kinds of cherry tomatoes, peppers, basil, wild bergamot, and chamomile.  I've also been cutting lavender like crazy the past week and a half -- twice already, with another cutting soon to come!

At garden #2, the Southern Belle and I have finally wrestled the upper bed into some semblance of order.  The onions, garlic, lettuce, and spinach all finally settled in, and we planted basil and carrots, with room left for her choice of tomatoes.  I also left her ground cherry seedlings and seeds for zucchini and nasturtiums to fill in the last section (far right).

In the lower bed, I hoed and weeded and cleaned out space for a new herb plot so that I could plant chocolate mint, spearmint, lemon verbena, and oregano.  I left the cilantro seedlings, of course!

At garden #3, my potatoes are coming along very nicely, and I have had the chance to hill them (above) and then mulch them (a week later) to give them more protection and room to grow.  In other areas of the garden, I have finally planted shell beans, chickpeas, sunflowers, ground cherries, stevia, lavender, carrots, parsnips, salsify, Brussels sprouts, broccoli raab, and golden chard.  (Whew!)

I think I can rest a little while as everything settles in, but I know there's more work to come...

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