Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Green Below Means Grow, Grow, GROW!

This month has been a blur, and though for a while there I thought I was caught up with garden work, all of a sudden we've passed our last frost date -- and I now am BEHIND!

I've collected the last of my seedlings from my friends' greenhouse, and this week I planted broccoli and chamomile at garden #1 (at the Renaissance Man's place) as well as a new herb bed at garden #2 (with the Southern Belle).  But I still have work to do:

This flat has cherry tomato seedlings, pepper, ground cherries, and Brussels sprouts (five!).  While the tomatoes and peppers will go to garden #1, the others will get planted at garden #3 (home of the Contradance Callers.)

The Contradance Callers have also agreed to make space for a perennial herb bed, so I have lavender, stevia, thyme, and wild bergamot to plant there.  I also have some small basil seedlings (to get planted with the tomatoes) and a few starts of salsify (for the Chef Mother).  So there's no slacking off just yet!

Happily, my hard work is starting to be rewarded with fresh bounty!  The Renaissance Man's garden is overflowing with mint -- spearmint and peppermint, top -- and my lavender bushes are starting their full bloom.  The sugar snap peas I planted in March are finally producing their sweet pods, so I've been popping them like candy.  And today -- yes, mark the date, May 19, a full two and a half weeks ahead of last year's first -- I picked the first strawberry from the garden.

Here's hoping I finish planting by the end of the month, because come June, I need to start seeding flats for fall crops!

Time to grow!

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