Friday, March 23, 2012

Springing Into Action

Spring is officially here, though this week has felt more like May than March, with sunny days and temperatures reaching into the 80s. We're about 30 degrees above average, and all this light and heat has triggered Nature's growth mechanisms: the world is in bloom, with loads of color and a frenzy of leafing out.

WOW. It's a stunner out there, and though the idea of such an early start just feels wrong to me on some levels, I'm at the point where I have to just live in the now and accept what we've got. (It's easier to do, now that I've actually seen honeybees pollinating the weeping cherries on the street -- I feel a little better about the season's fruit crops.)

But this extended burst of warmth has meant that I needed to kick myself into gear on the garden front. I planted peas, carrots, radishes, and Asian greens last weekend. Yesterday I transplanted the hardiest of my leggy broccoli seedlings into the larger pots (seen above) in the hopes that they'll grow a little better.

This morning, once I finished my light load of baking, I sat down outside to seed three flats of vegetables and to reseed some of the herbs I had started in January (but which had not germinated). A friend from contra dancing mentioned last weekend that she had bought a new little greenhouse but was new to starting seeds, so if I wanted space for my own I was welcome to use it -- so I thought I'd prepare for it! And in thanks, I made sure to sow some seeds -- tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, spinach, basil -- for her.

(Note: the little box in the middle, with lettuce and parsley seedlings, came Wednesday from the Delighted Gardener as part of this week's barter. Nice to have an early start on those!)

Since the week's baking is largely done (aside from fresh chocolate croissants tomorrow), I managed to get my week's-end work space cleaning done before my second cup of tea. (Trust me, those racks are almost never that empty!)

And that means that this afternoon, I might just be able to devote some time to cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry so that I have better storage for my teas and herbs. (A very necessary thing: not only am I making more tea and herb blends for market, but I started making iced tea this week, thanks to the heat, so I need to be able to keep everything together!)

I think we often don't realize how lethargic we can get during the winter -- even someone like me, who enjoys bundling up in the cold. The sunny, warm days this week have inspired a burst of cleaning and renewing around here, and that gives me a wonderful feeling.

So Spring it on -- I'm ready now.

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