Tuesday, March 06, 2012

On the Brownie

I've been challenging myself this year to make three items a week for the bakery case at Local Roots, usually cheese rolls of some sort, a cake, and something that falls somewhere in between in terms of sweetness. Not too many other bakers are contributing to the bakery case, so I feel a sense of responsibility to make options available to customers, but I think it's also a good personal challenge to get me to try some new things or to break out old favorites.

Here's this week's example of reviving a favorite original recipe I haven't made in a few years:

Over six years ago, I developed this peanut butter brownie bar on a visit to my Granola Girl, and it met with wholehearted approval. I made it a couple of times after that, but it hadn't occurred to me to bake it for the market until just recently.

See, I try not to bake too much with chocolate -- one, because chocolate isn't local, and while I'm not a purist, two, I don't want to go overboard with the sweet stuff, even for others. But we do have a producer who makes delicious peanut butter (again, peanuts aren't local, but the value-adding is) with just nuts and salt, and I thought it would just sing out in the shortbread base of these brownie bars.

And oh my, did it ever! Shortbread packed with roasted peanut flavor, fudgy brownie, salted peanuts -- whole wheat flour all the way through -- what's not to love? And the customers definitely approved: I had to make a second pan midway through the week!

I'm not sure yet what other treats I'll come up with for the bakery case, but it seems to me that there are plenty of riches in my past favorite recipes to bring back into the light.

You've been warned!

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