Friday, February 24, 2012

Follow My Weed

What a weird winter this has been. We've had an astonishingly low amount of snowfall -- at least in my little corner of northeast Ohio -- and the number of days with temperatures reaching into the 50s and higher has been abnormally high.

Mother Nature is seriously confused! While I'm used to seeing flower bulbs send up leaves as early as November around here, I am not used to seeing trees budding in February. And if you doubt that Spring has already sprung, take a look at this:

What's the big deal about eggs and toast? you ask? And I say, see those green things sticking out the end of my little one-egg omelet? That's chickweed.

Yeah, chickweed -- the first wild edible I can pick each year. Granted, you can usually find some when snow melts to expose the ground for a few days in winter, and this batch came from The Delighted Gardener's cold frame (so it was more protected). But what she gave me was a huge bundle of chickweed, grown large enough to start sporting flower buds.

While I'm just a little freaked out about the freaky winter -- wondering what it will do to this year's growing season, not to mention the timing of spring blossoms and all the pollinating insects needed to turn flowers into fruit -- I have to admit, I am really happy to be eating chickweed right now. It tastes so fresh, so green, so energizing, that I just can't get enough.

Spring? Yep, it's coming sooner than you think...

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Times?

Yes, yes, I've been quiet around here lately. Yes, business has been good -- and keeping me in the kitchen.

But in light of yesterday's holiday, I'll share a little treat with you:

Amid all my other baking tasks, I've also been testing recipes for my Irish Breakfast class at Today's Kitchen Store next month. Today's recipe to be tweaked and tested was one for raisin scones. And after cutting perfect circles with the first rolling of dough, I gathered up the scraps and shaped them into this lovely heart.

Because, well, you've always gotta have heart...

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