Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheese, Vat's a Great Idea!

File this idea under "Truly Awesome":

My buddy Brian Schlatter of Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese (home of the delicious Parmesan-style Burr Oak cheese and the fabulous Gruyere-like Flat Rock) has a new project: a community-supported cheese vat.

OK, you've heard of Community-Supported Agriculture by now, right? This takes that concept of locally-financed food production in a new direction. Brian's old cheese vat is apparently a real energy vampire, and he's looking to purchase a new, energy-efficient model. Takes big bucks to make cheese, though, so his idea of inviting customers and friends to participate in this microfinance model -- put money in, get great local artisan cheese out -- is a great way of involving other folks in the business.

I'm definitely going to take a look at my finances -- tight though they are -- to see what I can do to help out one of my favorite cheesemakers.

And hey, even if you're not interesting in participating, pass along the idea. This could be the next big thing in supporting local businesses!

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