Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Independence Days 2011-3: June Is Bustin' Out All Over!

You can tell that June is here: all of a sudden, plants are experiencing growth spurts, the rain is tapering off, and the to-do lists have doubled. The growing season is well underway, which means I am playing a LOT of catch-up!

So here's a quick Independence Days update for the past two(!) weeks:

1. Plant something: zucchini, scarlet runner beans, Blue Coco pole beans, Laurentian rutabagas, Red Choi pac choi, golden chard, broccoli at the Contradance Callers' garden; Stupice tomato seedling, more basil at the Renaissance Man's garden.

2. Harvest something: rhubarb, lettuce, dill at the Contradance Callers' garden; strawberries, roses, lavender, lemon balm, radishes at the Renaissance Man's.

3. Preserve something: dried dill, anise hyssop, chamomile, tarragon, chocolate mint, lemon mint, rose petals, lavender; made and froze first batch of garlic scape pesto

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): used leftover pita bread instead of buying tortilla chips for snacks and meals; shared leftover crackers and a wheat loaf from the freezer with a friend teaching her cheesemaking class (for sampling)

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): prepared croissant dough as soon as I baked previous batch; picked up more freezer bags for storage, plus more pantry items; used some of last year's glass honey jars (all cleaned out) for new herb storage

6. Build local food systems: baking for market and for Woo's Brews; answered questions about cottage food rules from a friend who wants to start home food production; mixed more herbal tisane blends to sell; worked out a swap with fellow herb growers for more lavender; visited with Amish farmer and author David Kline during a recent day trip; compiled recipe handout for upcoming cooking class at Today's Kitchen Store; made a great swap of bread for the first garlic scapes of the year

7. Eat the food: raw asparagus with peanut sauce; leftover veg rolls; lots of lettuce!; big salad with carrots, broccoli, dill, Swiss cheese; curry broccoli with rice; broccoli walnut pasta; grilled cheese with kale; fresh strawberries!

How is June going for you?

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