Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Just Have a Lunch

Here's a red-letter day for your calendars: As of today, Local Roots is now living up to its full name of Local Roots Market and Cafe!

That's right, the cafe is finally open for business, though we expect the first couple of weeks to be a little slow with simple and spare offerings. But when you figure that we were awarded the grant for the first-phase kitchen in October, started construction in February, and are now licensed as a "risk level 4 facility" by the Health Department, that's pretty darn impressive!

Cafe meals will eventually be prepared by a rotating team of local chefs and producers, but for now, it's all on the shoulders of one man: Jerrod, the Cafe Chef. He was scrambling in a big way today as there was an impressive crowd in at lunchtime, but he kept the panini press fired up and had plenty of salad ready to dish up.

The cafe offered just two items today: grilled cheddar cheese with chives on garlic-herb bread (from yours truly, The Grain Maker) and mixed salad greens with a strawberry-mint vinaigrette. Since the Renaissance Man and I had decided to head down for lunch to celebrate the occasion, I picked up two sandwiches and a big salad for us to share while he talked with a local reporter about the progress on the market sundial (another story; very cool!).

Good stuff! It's a simple meal, true -- even with the lemony herb iced tea from a local producer -- but with fresh quality ingredients from people I know, it was well worth the treat. (We didn't even bother getting dessert from the bakery case, which just goes to show how satisfying the meal was. Or perhaps that's because the Renaissance Man remembered I had a nice big fresh pecan roll at home with his name on it.)

Follow the Local Roots Facebook page to find out what the daily specials are -- and if you're in the area, stop in and enjoy a great local lunch!

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