Sunday, April 10, 2011


One of the joys of making friends through Local Roots Market is sharing new things. I enjoy trading leftover goods with other producers, but I also enjoy when they surprise me with something completely out of the blue.

A fellow baker, an older woman from Germany, brought me a bag of duck eggs yesterday -- just a few, not enough to break each other in the sack. And as she handed it to me, she warned me about the big "dinosaur" egg included with the rest. Turns out she not only has ducks but a goose as well!

As you can see, there's a reason for the phrase "big fat goose egg" -- though when you compare it (on the left) with a duck egg and an extra-large chicken egg, you have to wonder why the phrase came to mean "zero." That's not nothing!

She warned me that the goose egg had a very tough shell and would require a little more force to crack it open, but I had no problems with it and was delighted with what I found inside: an enormous orange yolk with lots of clear white around it. (Shown here on the left, with a duck egg.)

I mean, that's no joke -- it's a big yolk! Compare it to these extra-large chicken eggs. It's about the same size!

Though I've had duck eggs before, I'd never had a goose egg, so I was grateful when my friend told me that goose eggs have a more "meaty" taste and would work well in a savory omelet or something similar. That information made it very easy for me to decide on Sunday brunch plans...

Another friend had shared her homegrown greens and garlic "scallions" with me, so I started by sauteeing the garlic and adding the greens. Once those were cooked, I set them aside for the Renaissance Man to work his omelet magic with that one goose egg and one duck egg. (He makes the best omelets, fluffy and well browned and utterly delicious.)

At the appropriate point in cooking, he added the greens back in along with some shreds of pepper jack cheese, folded the omelet, and let it finish cooking. As you can see, just those two large eggs made a huge omelet, one that we split in half and still had more than ample portions to eat! Add to that toast (my bread, of course) and yogurt mixed with oranges and granola and a pot of tea, and you can well imagine that we had a seriously satisfying meal.

Eggs-tremely satisfying.

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