Thursday, March 03, 2011

Farm Out

No, there hasn't been much to report this past month. I've been crazy busy with the baking -- a very good thing -- and not doing anything too exciting with meals as I've had leftover bread, vegetable rolls, and pizza crusts to keep me fed (along with the occasional delightful dinner courtesy of my Renaissance Man).

But just in time for the growing season to begin, here's a wonderful little look at how we still view farmers -- and how to change the perception of farmers as somehow less intelligent than everyone else. It reminds me of the poignant question asked by Blaze, the main character in Gene Logsdon's hilariously funny and thought-provoking novel, The Lords of Folly:

"Why is it that no one thinks of farming as an occupation requiring just as much intellectual acumen as any professional career?"

Why, indeed. As Steph points out in her article, farmers often have to be more educated than the average bear, bringing an understanding of botany, biology, soil ecology, geology, meteorology, forestry management, animal husbandry, mechanics, chemistry, and so much more to bear on daily work on the farm.

I've started seeds at home already and will be back in the greenhouse next week, getting the season started. So it's good to have a reminder before then about all the work and knowledge I'll be bringing to the field.

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