Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We'll Have a Pot Pie In the Old Town Tonight

I've been hoping over the past couple of weeks that -- now that holiday baking is done -- I could get back to cooking decent meals for myself while using up some of what I set aside for winter.

It hasn't happened much, but since today brought a winter weather advisory and the prediction of several inches of snow, it seemed like the ideal time to make a vegetable pot pie.

This is the time of year when I particularly enjoy pies: I have a little more time to wrangle with the crust, and the idea of wrapping dough around vegetables (or eggs, for a quiche, or fruit for dessert) just sounds comforting. And with vegetables that needed to be used up, a pot pie just sounded right.

So I peeled and cut up a potato (from The Cheerful Lady), a sweet potato (homegrown!), a couple carrots, a parsnip, and a turnip, and I threw them into a pot to cook until soft. (I also tossed in some dried peas. Couldn't hurt.)

Once I'd drained those, I chopped and sauteed an onion with salt, pepper, thyme, and a splash of tamari (for a rich, hearty flavor). I mixed that with the vegetables and tumbled it all into a spelt crust I had made earlier, topped it all with shredded cheddar cheese, and laid the top crust over it all.

The prep work can take a little time, but when the snow is coming down in thick clumps and piling up fast, kitchen work keeps me warm and happy. And the end result? SO worth it.

The Renaissance Man was easily lured in to share the meal with me, and we rounded out the meal with the last pieces of baklava and big mugs of my new favorite winter herbal brew (nettle, peppermint, sage, and rose petal).

Snow storm? Who cares? Not I, when I have a hot homemade meal waiting...

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