Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dig These Roots!

Guess who turned one year old today? Local Roots Market!

To celebrate our first full year as a store, we held a "Get Back To Your Roots" Festival at the market, complete with music, kids' activities, and a delicious birthday cake!

The store has grown in a big way in the past year -- we've pushed past 550 members, are open four days a week, and have seen sales steadily climb. But in the next year, we're going to grow some more. We received a grant from the Ohio Department of Agriculture to take the first step toward a commercial kitchen, and that means it won't be long before the "and Cafe" part of the business name becomes a reality. (We also need to raise funds for new public bathrooms in order to meet code as we open the cafe.)

Best of all, the market-loving community continues to grow. Local Roots is THE place to be, especially on a Saturday, and it's a great community center where you can sit and visit with friends, make new contacts, and learn new things.

And, of course, it's the place to find the best local food -- whether the raw ingredients found on the shelves or, in Saturday's case, some delicious dishes from the excellent cooks among the membership. (Here are three of my favorite fellow producer-members, all of whom had tasty dishes in the festival's cooking contest.)

One year! And we have done so much in that time, making Local Roots a real community center.

Let's keep growing!

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At 2/02/2011 2:04 AM, Blogger Stephen said...

That's one impressive carrot cake! Who put in the work baking that gem?

I wish I could've been there to celebrate with you, congrats!

Looking forward to visiting the market in late summer :)

At 2/02/2011 5:01 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Board member Betsy Anderson made the cake with butternut squash, raspberry jam, squash seeds and maple buttercream for decoration. Seriously good stuff! Oh, and the curls are candied strips of carrot -- very tasty and sweet!

Looking forward to seeing you later this year!


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