Monday, November 01, 2010

Feed a Fever? Drown the Flu

While we were away at a thought-provoking summit last week, the Renaissance Man came down with this season's flu. He suffered through the aches, the alternating fevers and chills, the restless nights, and the total exhaustion. Our hosts graciously gave us space and time for recovery (along with plenty of peppermint tea and home-cooked meals), but by Saturday, the RM had gathered up enough strength for the return trip home.

Once we got back, I took over his care with a firm hand, wanting to make sure that he ate something nourishing while he recovered. So while I bought cider and orange juice and oranges at his request, I also made him a gentle but soothing soup.

Not chicken noodle, no. I thawed a package of corn from his freezer and used the potatoes and some garlic I had dug out of his garden a few months back, and added in some carrots from the refrigerator. Very simple recipe:

--Saute 4 cloves garlic in olive oil until fragrant.
--Add dry vegetable broth mix and "fry" spices.
--Add peeled and chopped carrots (2) and potatoes (4-6) as well as thawed corn (about 1/2 cup) and stir to coat.
--Add up to 1 qt water. (NOTE: If you have vegetable broth or chicken broth, which I didn't, you would omit the second step and replace water with broth here. Whatever works.)
--Bring to a boil.
--Reduce heat to low simmer and let cook for an hour or two, until everything is soft.
--Serve and savor. (Makes about 4 medium bowls of soup.)

It suited the Renaissance Man well -- nothing too strong or upsetting to the system, but with plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep him going, to keep his strength up a little. And it suited me because it didn't take much of my own flagging energy and tasted good in the long run.

He's continuing to "force" fluids like juice, water, and tea while his immune system recovers and wards off the nasties, but homemade soup adds a little extra kick to that fight. He'll keep resting, and soon the flu will be but a memory.

So if you get the flu this season, remember: when you're down and out, drown 'em out!

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