Friday, October 15, 2010

Independence Days #65

Ooops. Meant to post this last week, and the time just slipped away from me. So, a week late and probably more than a dollar short, here's the latest Independence update!

1. Plant something: Planted lettuce, kohlrabi, beets, and transplanted bunching onions and leeks at the OEFFA Male's farm.

2. Harvest something: Basil and chard at the Renaissance Man's; tomatoes and squash at the OEFFA Male's farm (now that he doesn't have a Wednesday market for the rest of the season, my harvesting there will be limited); golden beets and tomatoes at the fabulous Jen's.

3. Preserve something: Dried lemon verbena, pears, thyme, basil, rosemary; froze some of the Cheerful Lady's second batch of cider.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Took more "seconds" off the OEFFA Male's hands; cleaned out (ATE!) a good amount of the produce in the fridge, and made a dent in other things, too; finished off a jar of sorghum molasses (using the hot water needed in the recipe to clean out the jar).

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Stocked up on vegetables, cheese, milk, and butter for baking; requested more herbs from my herb source for drying; shuffled things around in the freezer; cleaned up more jars for storage; cracked the last of last year's hickory nuts (and the Chef Mother offered to pick out the meats -- thanks, Mom!) and put them in the freezer; got back to milling wheat and spelt for baking.

6. Build local food systems: Swapped leftover market bread for herbs, vegetables, and desserts; worked at the OEFFA Male's farm 3 days per week; baked for market; participated in Eat Local Challenge week at Local Roots and blogged daily; finished Local Roots newsletter for October; attended a talk given by Vandana Shiva on sustainable agriculture, especially in South Asia; made progress in planning holiday special orders of baked goods; went apple picking with My Adorable Nephews and the Southern Belle.

7. Eat the food: Leftover rolls with kale and cheddar, squash curry; hash browns with kale, cheese, egg; pita pizzas; steamed kale; herbal teas; lots of toast; popcorn; sweet potato braise; Uzbek carrot and beet salad; stir-fried tatsoi; broccoli-walnut pasta; baked cauliflower; lots of good cider!

What fun things did you do this week?

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