Thursday, October 07, 2010

Eat Local Ohio Week, Day #6

Look, I don't mean to complain about the chilly, damp weather earlier this week. It's a part of fall, and I accept that. I do.

But today? Sunshine, warmer temps, and a day to stay at home and bake. I'll take it!

Staying at home also meant that I was able to eat a little better, with the determination to add more vegetables to my menu (as well as to clean out a few more things from the refrigerator).

So here's today's Eat Local lovelies:

--Up before the crack of dawn to start baking the artisan loaves and rolls, and then to start the homestyle breads. It requires a lot of focus and nonstop work, so breakfast ended up being a half-sized grilled cheese sandwich (on homemade pain aux noix, with baby Swiss cheese from Ohio Farm Direct) and a cup of Irish breakfast tea (with local milk).

--I'm terrible about drinking water while I bake -- I just keep going and going and don't reach for a glass -- but I enjoyed a cup of cider from the local orchard as a break from baking come mid-morning.

--After dropping off the day's inventory at Local Roots, I decided to switch gears and make something worthwhile for lunch. So I cleaned out a small bag of yellow and orange carrots from the Cheerful Lady as well as a few beets from the OEFFA Male's farm in order to make Uzbek carrot (and beet) salad. Along with that I pulled out the last of the cooked corn and steamed some broccoli for lunch, and I added a few fresh cheddar curds (Blue Jacket Dairy) for protein. Look, Ma -- no bread!

--Went back to baking over the course of the afternoon: the last homestyle loaves, more pesto flatbreads, and a couple of vegetable flatbreads.

--Finally -- and I mean finally! -- tackled the remaining pears from the OEFFA Male's farm: peeled, cored, sliced, and tossed them in the dehydrator.

--Cleaned out some tatsoi from the fridge and stir-fried it with garlic from the garden and some curry powder, then dished it up with the heel end of a loaf of artisan wheat bread. A light dinner, but a good one!

--Walked down to the market to check my shelves, chat with the Farmgirl Wannabe (now our manager!), and indulge in a pumpkin bar from a fellow baker for dessert.

--Back to baking!

Now that is a good local food day!

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