Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Eat Local Ohio Week, Day #4

We had another day of chilly rain at the farm today, but I managed to get more flats of seedlings planted in the field before the rain really settled in. (We've also started clearing out the tomato rows, too.) And I can tell you, it's not much fun unloading a flatbed truck of its cargo -- the components for the OEFFA Male's new high tunnel -- when the rain is blowing in your face.

So thank heavens -- and the Renaissance Man -- for a thermos full of hot tea: a green tea enhanced with sage and peppermint from the garden and foraged rose hips and nettle leaves. That definitely kept me from succumbing too badly to the chill!

But the continuing late-fall-like weather keeps me reaching for comfort food:

--Started the day with a simple breakfast of toasted wheat bread (mine) with local butter, some fresh cheddar curds (Blue Jacket Dairy), and coffee with local milk and non-local sugar.

--Sipped the aforementioned green-herbal tea all morning. Boy, was that nice!

--Had a leftover kale-cheddar roll and an apple (from the farmers' market) for lunch.

--Snacked on homemade cheese crackers on the way home.

--Started making fillings for this week's vegetable rolls -- more kale with cheddar, and then butternut squash sauteed with onions, hot pepper, dried cabbage, curry powder, and chili powder, with a little goat milk ricotta (or paneer, given the texture) added in. (Tried a nibble of that -- hope it heats up, flavor wise, a little more with a day or two in the fridge!)

--Made basil pesto for this week's breads.

--Cleaned out the fridge a little for dinner, making pita pizzas with leftover wheat pitas (mine), pizza sauce (ditto), and some crumbled feta. (Was too lazy to cook broccoli to add to the top.)

--Invited the Renaissance Man over for dessert: tarte tatin (he always enjoys a good tart, he says cheekily) and tea with peppermint and rose hips.

Yes, so far it's been a little dull in the kitchen. I'm hoping that once I'm done at the farm for the week I might do something a little more colorful for a meal!

Stay tuned...

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