Monday, October 04, 2010

Eat Local Ohio Week, Day #3

The rain and the cold continued today, cutting short my first farm day of the week. Granted, I did get some onions transplanted, flats of lettuce started, and dying tomato plants pulled from the field, but after that (part of it done in a misting rain), I was more than happy to head home and change into warm, dry clothes.

Comfort food remained high on the day's menus, though I did manage to get more produce worked into my meals:

--Had a hearty farmer's breakfast of hash browns (potatoes from the farm) with kale and egg (Autumn Harvest Farm) plus Black Swamp Gouda from Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese; toasted wheat bread (mine); coffee laced with pumpkin spice syrup from a Local Roots producer plus local milk.

--Stopped by the Renaissance Man's kitchen for tea -- not local -- and he tanked me up with a small thermos for my work day. (What a love!)

--I had packed a reasonably balanced lunch but ended up just grabbing one roasted zucchini and tomato roll (left over from the market) and eating it on the way out to the tomato plot destined for cleanup.

--Enjoyed a cup of hot tea (not local) and a small bowl of popcorn (from Gale J Farm) for a snack once I got home.

--Baked off the cheese crackers, followed by a tarte tatin made with leftover dough (local ingredients), local butter, and local Wolf River apples.

--Picked chard from the garden at the Renaissance Man's place.

--Fulfilled one goal for this week's challenge by cooking a meal almost entirely from my garden(s): sauteed garlic (from the Southern Belle's garden) in olive oil, added fresh thyme from a pot here at home, tossed in cubed sweet potatoes (from the SB garden) and cooked Calypso beans (from the fabulous Jen's) and braised the lot in homemade vegetable stock, then added chopped chard from the Renaissance Man's garden and fresh parsley from my herb pot. Topped it with fine shreds of Burr Oak cheese from Canal Junction Farmstead -- a creamy, savory, delicious dinner!

--And for dessert? I plan on tucking into that tarte tatin, maybe with a cup of herbal tea...

So far, so good this week!



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