Monday, October 04, 2010

Eat Local Ohio Week, Day #2

Yesterday turned out to be something of a dismal fall day, with the temperatures too weak to struggle out of the 50s and the skies heavy with clouds and rain all day. Definitely a day for comfort food!

--Accepted the Renaissance Man's kind offer of breakfast: buckwheat pancakes (from a local mix with local flour) topped with maple syrup (our favorite, Gortner's) and accompanied by an English breakfast tea with local peppermint and raspberry leaf added in (plus local honey and milk).

--An unexpected outing in search of sturdy winter hiking books meant that we ate out for lunch, so sadly, this lunch was not local (beyond the Renaissance Man's gentle teasing that if the food was in front of us, it was "local" to our immediate location).

--Got started on the week's baking, with rosemary walnuts and sesame crackers, plus dough prepped for cheese crackers. That got my place warmed up a little!

--Definitely a comfort food dinner: steamed kale (from Autumn Harvest Farm) with a dab of local butter, leftover corn (also from Autumn Harvest Farm), and toasted wheat bread (homemade, with local wheat flour), followed by a cup of good local cider.

Here's hoping I work more vegetables into my meals as the week progresses!



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