Sunday, October 03, 2010

Eat Local Ohio Week, Day #1

I'm glad the Eat Local Challenge week started on a Saturday -- I actually had time to stop and think about what I was eating, and thus to enjoy it even more!

--Started the day with a simple breakfast of scrambled egg (from Autumn Harvest Farm) with cheese (Miami Erie Canal from Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese), toast (my own pain aux noix with Hartzler Dairy butter), and tea (not local, but the milk was).

--After finishing the baking, dropping off the last inventory at Local Roots, and shopping the farmers' market, I enjoyed my mid-morning smackerels at Roots: an apple-peanut butter bar (with local wholesome ingredients, from Lily Bean Bakery) and locally roasted coffee (Al's Beanery) with maple syrup (Gortner's) and milk (Hartzler Dairy).

--Headed home to make a pot of vegetable stock with celery and carrots from the farmers' market, potatoes from the farm, sweet potato and garlic from the garden, baby onions from My Wonderful Parents' small patch.

--Warmed up at lunchtime with a grilled cheese sandwich (on my pain aux noix, with baby Swiss from Ohio Farm Direct and radishes from Adonai Acres), a couple spoonfuls of homemade kim chi, some ground cherries (from Boii Gardens), and a cup of cider (from the local orchard).

--Savored leftover kale-cheddar rolls (my creation, with Adonai Acres kale and Blue Jacket Dairy cheddar curds) for dinner, with a bit of popcorn to round it out.

--Snacked on ground cherries during a break at the contra dance.

The up side to concentrating on using more local foods so far has been that I've eaten more vegetables and fruit than I have been grabbing lately, and it's also made me look in the refrigerator more carefully, so I might actually use up some food this week!

Looking good for the week so far!



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