Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming Back Down to Herb

I've been running around so much lately, up to my eyeballs in work -- not complaining, you know I love my work, but it's been hectic as I try to squeeze in a bit of everything before the winter comes.

I'm doing a little better at getting myself organized for the week and staying on track, and gradually I'm learning to relax a little more as I go through the work week. What gets done, gets done, and what doesn't, well, it can wait a little.

As the weather cools off a bit, I'm -- yes, indeed -- learning to chill out a little more myself.

That means it's time to enjoy some herbal tea a little more often than coffee, and since fall has arrived, it's time to work on my fall and winter herbal blends to sell at Local Roots. The summertime blends, arriving late as they did, sold reasonably well, so I hope that the fall and winter selection will win a few fans, too.

For these blends, I chose to incorporate and combine assorted herbs for their medicinal properties as well as their flavors. Of course, I'm not allowed to make any kinds of medical claims on the labels, but I've tried to hint at them in the descriptions. So many of the traditional uses of herbs are just common sense: chamomile eases tension, peppermint settles an upset stomach, nettle strengthens the blood, and so on. Can I help it if they taste delicious, too?

I'd love to spend more time developing a medicinal herb garden (even more extensive than the one suggested by Susan Wittig Albert), perhaps along the lines of Sharon Astyk's, but it's not in the cards right now. Still, I can find herbs in my own gardens and at friends' places and explore the properties and flavors of these wonderful plants.

In the meantime, I've developed four new blends for the cooler weather and held a contest for naming the first, which ended up giving me winning suggestions for all of them. I hope to get the blends made in bulk and packaged later this week to have on my shelf by the weekend, but if it ends up being next week before I have any for sale, so be it.

The point is to relax, and to enjoy.

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