Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden Gone Wild!

Though most of my garden updates have appeared on my farming blog this season, I'm a little behind on updating that site. And after the visit to the garden this afternoon, I have to share the news!

While the original two gardens are looking a little peaky in spots this year, the new garden is prolific! These Suhyo Long cucumbers were planted from seed in May -- five mounds in all. Last Wednesday I picked a dozen foot-or-more-long monsters; today I found 18. And that doesn't count all the cucumbers the fabulous Jen has picked in the interim! Whew!

I'm definitely getting my fair share of haydari, Greek salad, cucumber slices, and gazpacho this year. No doubt about it...

I'm also pleased to report that the six or so broccoli plants (started from seed waaaaaaay back when) are all heading up, to one degree or another. This head was the fullest and most ready to pick -- my pride and joy! I have never grown broccoli before, so this is exciting.

The tomatoes aren't quite ripe, but they are coming along nicely. I also harvested a few celery stalks (not like the stalks you see in the grocery store), golden chard, basil, dill, and anise hyssop. And I need to head back out this weekend to pick more beans, dig up more potatoes, and harvest more herbs.

What a wild ride this season is turning out to be!

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