Sunday, July 04, 2010

Free Lunch

Science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein was well-known for his acronym TANSTAAFL -- meaning, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

Generally, that's true. And truth be told, today's lunch wasn't exactly "free" as there were some costly ingredients and a lot of my time and hard work was paid into others.

But it's as close as it gets:

At top: spice-roasted root vegetables, including turnip and beet "seconds" from the OEFFA Male's farm and radish and rutabaga thinnings from the garden at the fabulous Jen's, tossed with safflower oil and Indian spices.

At bottom: the current variation of posh potato salad, with Purple Viking and Red Gold potato seconds from the OEFFA Male's farm, snow peas acquired in a swap with the Delightful Gardener, dill from the garden -- as well as walnuts and feta cheese and a delicious pumpkin seed oil given to me by der Freiburger (on his Christmas holiday from teaching in Austria).

For dessert (not shown): a mojito bar made by the Bread Pimp and given to me as a swap for some of my truffle surprise cookies after the market yesterday.

And I may just follow that up with an herbal iced "tea" made with herbs from the Renaissance Man's garden. (He lets me cut to my heart's content, and I return some of the dried herbs to him for his annual tea stash.)

As free lunches go, this is a wonderful one, perfect for Independence Day!

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