Saturday, June 19, 2010

Market Report: 6/19/2010

The market season is really starting to pick up -- everywhere you look, there are new items to be had and luscious treats to find!

My purchases this week fell into three categories: items needed for the baking business, items to preserve, and items for eating this week. And that's the order of quantity as well as importance!

From Local Roots:

--butter and milk from the local dairy
--lots of cheese! blue cheese and Swiss-style from Canal Junction, dill cheddar curds and Ludlow from Blue Jacket Dairy
--apple mint from The Cheerful Lady
--maple syrup from the Maple Man
--eggs from the Young Amish
--peanut butter from a new producer
--mocha spice cake and mojito bar from the Bread Pimp
--berliner (jam-filled doughnut; FRESH!) from the Photographer

From the Downtown Market:

--strawberries and broccoli from the Amish Farmer
--carrots and shelling peas from the Cheerful Lady
--two fruit leathers from the Madcap Farmer's Wife

On top of that, I swapped bread for tarragon from one other producer and a pumpkin lingering from last fall for parsley, dill, and pennyroyal from the Bread Pimp -- all of which have been run through the dehydrator (with the apple mint, peas, and strawberries to follow).

So, since I've got more work ahead of me this weekend, I'd better get to it!

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