Saturday, June 12, 2010

Market Report: 6/12/2010

I am beginning to realize that it may not be possible to write up coherent farmers' market reports this year. This week, I actually had about four market days on which I could report! Let me explain...

Wednesday, I visited the OARDC Farmers' Market for the first time. Since it had rained all morning and was threatening to continue, there weren't many vendors or customers when I arrived. But I visited with the OEFFA Male and checked on how he had set up his market table, then did the same with The Photographer (selling her bread and One Happy Guy's coffee). I did buy two quarts of strawberries from a young woman and some fresh rosemary from another, but overall it was a quick visit.

Thursday, I dropped off the first of my inventory at Local Roots around noon, in time for the market to open. I bought milk and butter, since I needed more for baking, as well as a large jar of honey. Then, I headed home to continue baking.

Friday, I returned to Local Roots around 10:30 to drop off most of the rest of my items -- and discovered that Thursday's sales had been so good in the cheese-herb breads, I needed to go home and bake more!

This morning, I popped into the market very early to drop off more cheese-herb breads (a good thing, as I only had one loaf left), more spinach-feta rolls and espresso chip shortbread for the bakery case, and the broccoli raab I had picked yesterday. From there, I headed out to the Downtown Farmers' Market for my usual wander and chat with the farmers.

Between Local Roots and the downtown market, I ended up buying:

--spinach and green onions and a mocha chip cookie from The Cheerful Lady
--potatoes from the Fiddlin' Farmer
--a strawberry-mulberry fruit leather from the Madcap Farmer's Wife
--buckwheat flour from my local flour folks (since I'm now out of my own)
--coffee (roasted by One Happy Guy)
--a snickerdoodle cookie bar from the Bread Pimp (her choice of names, not mine)

Then, when I returned toward the end of the market day, I picked up my online order of decaf coffee beans and rhubarb and threw in a block of the new blue cheese from Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese. Whew!

And as for my breads -- it was a great day! Yes, I had half a dozen loaves left over, but out of 55, that's pretty good -- and I have enough to pay off a friend for her help on a project.

So, time to sit back and relax -- before the whole cycle begins again!

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