Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feast and Famine

While I've had a bounty of good food to eat and to play with this week, I've lacked the time or inclination to write about it. So if you've been hungry for news or inspiration, I'll share the week in photos and verbal snapshots:

--The first canning of the year: strawberry jam. Three quarts of berries yielded 7 half-pints of jam, lightly sweetened with organic cane juice crystals. I shared a small jar with the Renaissance Man and the "scum" with My Dear Papa.

--At the farm, it's time to prune and trellis tomatoes. We worked through the first two beds this week, and though some seedlings succumbed to root rot and needed to be replaced, most are looking very vigorous. More on this over at the farming blog later this weekend.

--No photo here, but I brought home seconds from the farm every day this week. What a delight to snack on fresh kohlrabi or to whip up a quick stir-fry of garlic scapes, radishes, and pac choi and then to toss it with pasta and a spicy Thai peanut sauce. Coming this weekend (to beat the heat): a borani with yogurt, chèvre, dill, kohlrabi, and radish.

--In looking for a new bread idea and flavor combination to showcase the fantastic blue cheese from Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese, I struck gold in making a garlic scape pesto with walnuts and the blue cheese, then smearing it over a flatbread. The fragrance of this as it bakes is mouth-wateringly irresistible! So this weekend I plan to use more of the garlic scapes from the farm in batch after batch of pesto to freeze.

--The herb crops have been bountiful this year: I've taken four cuttings of lavender just at the Renaissance Man's place (haven't even made it to the Southern Belle's garden for the same!) and have hung them up to dry. The oregano patch is begging for a serious shearing, too, so I suspect I will be able to dry enough herbs to get me well into winter baking this year. And for those I don't grow, I'm swapping bread for herbs with a couple of producers at Local Roots. Truly a cooperative effort!

That's all for this week!

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