Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Berry Nice Benefits

I have to admit, though I had my concerns going into it, farming is a pretty sweet living.

OK, I'm not make the big bucks as a farming apprentice (nor does my boss as owner). But the benefits are amazing!:

--I get to work outside and bask in the sunshine and fresh air.
--I get to work with plants.
--I get to hang out with a pretty cool dude of a boss.
--I get a free refill on good coffee and plenty of sweet tea in hot weather.
--I get occasional "bonuses" like gardening tools or pickled garlic scapes.
--I get as many "seconds" in produce as I can handle (this week it was beets, scallions, garlic, and potatoes).
--I get paid a pretty decent wage at the end of each work week.

--And when my work is done, I get to forage around the farm for these beautiful and delicious wild black raspberries. (Blackberries, too, when they come ripe.)

I told you I wouldn't go hungry this year!

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