Sunday, May 16, 2010

Market Report: 5/15/2010

WOW! What an amazing, energizing, wonderful turnout we had at Local Roots yesterday for our Grand Opening! The crowd kept flowing through all day long, and I know I saw several new faces among that steady stream, as well as people I don't see often at the market. Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by and made it such a success!

I don't have photos of what all I bought over the market weekend, but here's the list:

--one little tomato from the Jolly Farmer and pac choi from another farmer for my demo
--rhubarb from the Sausage Lady
--cheese! chèvre and feta from Lucky Penny Creamery and dill cheddar curds and fresh cheddar curds from Blue Jacket Dairy
--spinach from the Cheerful Lady
--butter and milk from the local dairy
--eggs from the Fiddlin' Farmer
--an herb pot with rosemary, parsley, thyme that I assembled myself
--snacks: a pretzel roll from The Photographer, fresh coffee from One Happy Guy, and two scoops of delectable old-fashioned ice cream (dandelion and maple-hickory nut) from the Scoopers

On top of that, I had the chance to sample some fresh waffles, Turkish panini (with herbed tomatoes, cheese, and pickle on sourdough bread), cheese, and "Cream of Local Roots" soup from another demo. I definitely did not go hungry throughout the day.

My demonstration (in the afternoon) kept the lighter crowd happy with four varieties of pita pizzas:

--homemade pesto and fresh tomato with shredded Burr Oak cheese from Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese
--homemade salsa with fresh greens (spinach and then lambsquarters) and fresh cheddar curds
--chèvre mixed with olive oil and dill, topped with sautéed asparagus and chives, plus walnuts
--spicy Thai peanut sauce topped with stir-fried pac choi, ginger, and scallions

These proved so popular that I had to pull an extra bag of pita bread out of inventory to bake more pizzas and keep people from mobbing me!

By the end of the market day, we still had people wandering around, scooping up final items and enjoying the atmosphere -- and I ended up with an almost entirely cleaned-off shelf (save for one package of pita bread). Having baked 50 loaves of bread for market this week, I found that extremely gratifying! (I also appreciated the last-minute tussle over the last piece of my new honey cake -- two people so eager to savor the flavor, they didn't even leave me any crumbs!)

We apparently broke out sales record by noon, so I look forward to seeing the final sales totals for the weekend as I think we will see a wonderful surprise. And I am hoping that, given the number of favorable comments I heard from newcomers, we'll have new loyal customers coming in more regularly, too.

Thanks again to everyone for coming by and for helping to cultivate Local Roots!

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