Friday, May 14, 2010

Independence Days #50

Ahhh, the week's end at last. And surprisingly, after the tempestuous weather we've had of late, the sun is shining and the day is warm. I think I might have to head out to the garden!

It's been a busy week behind the scenes, and here's a glimpse of what's been happening:

1. Plant something: More potatoes, more seed-starting for the OEFFA Male; potted white sage, tangerine gem marigold, orange thyme seedlings at home.

2. Harvest something: Lots of fresh sage, from pruning one bush.

3. Preserve something: Dried sage (a full quart of dried leaves!); made kim chi with dried kale, lots of radishes, scallions, etc. (the Purple Plum radishes give it a juicy pink cast).

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Froze extra coffee from last week's baking and thawed it for this week; saved bread crumbs; reused butter wrappers to grease baking pans.

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Picked up wheat and spelt from new contact; restocked on butter, nuts, sesame seeds for baking; splurged on a new dehydrator for this season's preserving; started ongoing discussion with a couple of other bakers about ordering in bulk (which would mean finding yet more storage containers and space).

6. Build local food systems: Did another grain mill demo at Lehman's and showcased my buckwheat butter cookies (got a request for the recipe again!); gave two leftover loaves of bread from the market to someone who will use them in a cooking demo next weekend; enjoyed a pizza dinner at The Photographer's place, with all of us contributing to toppings; worked two days at the OEFFA Male's farm; baked for market; promoted Grand Opening.

7. Eat the food: Leftover bread; The Photographer's fabulous homemade pizza with asparagus and greens and other good stuff; pasta with greens; grilled cheese with chard.

Though it looks like I haven't quite finished a year of this challenge, I did skip a couple of weeks over the winter, so I'd say I've definitely made it through a year of Independence. What fun! And I think I'll keep on doing it -- it helps me keep track of what I'm doing and inspires me to do more.

So until next week... enjoy!

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