Saturday, April 03, 2010

Market Report: 4/3/2010

Technically, I shopped at Local Roots yesterday -- now that we're also open on Fridays, I can pick up additional baking ingredients and such when I drop off my inventory -- but I'll still keep the market updates on Saturdays, just to keep things consistent for when the outdoor farmers' market reopens in two months.

Once I had filled my shelf yesterday, I bought a quart of good local maple syrup, a dozen eggs, and a small container of chèvre for next week's baking. I knew I'd have other plans for today, so why not?

This morning, I popped into the market just to deliver these sweet treats -- pains au chocolat -- for the bakery case, and then I had every intention of spending the day gardening. Instead, I bumped into The Salesman Farmer, who pointed out that he had fresh chives that would go great in a cheese bread, so I bought a package before heading home. (I'm such a sucker...)

That minor detour notwithstanding, I did get plenty of gardening in, and I made it back to the market just after close in order to pick up my remaining inventory: a loaf of maple-oatmeal bread, a loaf of pumpernickel, a small bag of crackers, and one lonely pain au chocolat. An impressive sales day! And finally, I got to enjoy one of my own pastries for a change.

A good day!

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