Saturday, April 24, 2010

Market Report: 4/24/2010

Having Local Roots open two days a week now means I have more opportunities to buy local foods for the week. Once I returned from my visit to Lucky Penny yesterday, I stopped by the market to check my shelf and to pick up the first round of groceries:

--asparagus and eggs from The Fiddlin' Farmer
--scallions from The Cheerful Lady
--celery seedlings from The Sheep Lady

I also discovered that my espresso chip shortbread had been selling extremely well, so I decided to make a second pan last evening to take to the market early today. That then led to the discovery that I needed to restock on butter, maple sugar, and coffee -- which I picked up at the market first thing today.

After that, though, I needed to focus on something else at the market for the day: cooking demonstrations. I paid close attention to the morning demo, featuring the delicious rustic baguettes of The Photographer (made by another fun person):

Once they finished their demo and cleaned up, it was time for me to unpack my items and get ready to cook with wild edibles.

I had made butter cookies with violet sugar to bring in for the demo, but I also cooked a lot of nettle fritters as well as a small amount of wilted dandelion greens.

The demo definitely got people's attention. First, their hands would hover over the food as they eagerly asked, "What's this?" When I mentioned "nettles" or "dandelions," they would hesitate or even exclaim, "I have that all over the yard! It's a pain! You can eat it?" When I assured them that, yes, these were completely edible and even good, they took a tentative bite -- and quickly responded, "This is good!" Several people then picked up the handout (which included recipes) and even expressed interest in going home and foraging some of the greens for themselves.

Even the kids enjoyed the wild foods: two little girls, after one bite of the fritters, came back repeatedly to demand more. No, they didn't want the cookies, they wanted the fritters, and did I have more done yet?, and if not, hurry up!

Suffice it to say, the enthusiastic response was gratifying, and I suspect I may get asked to do something similar again sometime.

And who knows what next week's market will bring?

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