Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well Bread

All of a sudden, Spring showed up, knocking at the door and begging me to come out and play!

Well, actually, I spent two days working with the OEFFA Male this week, starting more seeds, but I spent today in the kitchen, baking bread for market. Don't think that I didn't get to enjoy the sunny warm weather, though -- I had the front door and the window open for most of the day while I worked through several batches of bread.

Along with the usual baguettes, maple oatmeal loaves, and pain aux noix, though, I tried a few new market offerings:

I pulled out my recipe for Irish cheddar soda bread, in honor of the upcoming holiday, and made four loaves, using local wheat flour, dried thyme, butter, milk, and a most excellent Chouda (cross between cheddar and gouda) cheese from my favorite Cheese Guy. I was sorely tempted to keep a loaf, but I guess I can hope I have one left after the market closes.

I also made another bucket of dough for the artisan bread, choosing an olive oil variation for making zaatar flatbreads. OK, they're a little thick for flatbreads, but you get the idea.

My baking took me into the evening as I modified the pain aux noix recipe for an enriched wheat bread with a cinnamon-maple sugar swirl in the middle. It sure smelled delectable, though again, I didn't keep a loaf out for myself. (I did, however, suggest to the Renaissance Man that he might want to get a loaf to take to the Farm Mother this weekend.)

In all, I baked 29 loaves of bread for market -- a new record! It's not something I'd want to do on a regular basis, but it should help me test a couple of new recipes this week so I can have a slightly more varied repertoire as the year continues.

Let's hope my customers are bready for this!

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