Saturday, March 27, 2010

Market Report: 3/27/10

I didn't spend much time at the market today; there were too many things to be done at home, and there was too much sunshine to keep me indoors for long. So I only popped in early this morning to check my shelf and grab my groceries, and then I headed back toward the end of the market day to see how it had all gone.

I did splurge a bit with the online orders this week, thanks to my plans to thank The Gentleman for his long-distance computer help AND to prepare a birthday dinner for The Renaissance Man, but I also restocked on butter and cheese for baking:

--pea shoots, radishes, and salad mix from The Winter Harvesters
--baby kale from The Cheerful Lady
--a bag of East Timor coffee from One Happy Guy
--two small wine jellies from a gourmet jelly-maker
--butter and milk from the local dairy
--apples from the local orchard
--two kinds of cheese from Blue Jacket Dairy
--a small box of sheep's milk fudge for The Renaissance Man's birthday

A bit of a splurge, yes, but it's so wonderful to have this much local food available! The coffee and jellies will go to The Gentleman, the butter and cheese will get worked into next week's bread baking, and the apples will be part of a birthday cake that I'll make later today.

Things are looking good around here!

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