Saturday, March 20, 2010

Market Report: 3/20/10

I didn't spend much time at the market today, being otherwise pulled outside by the gorgeous weather! I stopped in around 8 this morning to drop off my pains au chocolat for the bakery case, and I was surprised to find empty holes on my shelf thanks to yesterday's business hours (a new development).

By the end of the day, I had no artisan loaves left, no pumpernickel, no crackers, and no pains au chocolat, but surprisingly, I still had two maple-oatmeal loaves and seven of the eight pains aux noix that had sold so well last week. Just goes to show, you really can't predict from week to week what will sell or not.

Anyway, I limited my purchases this morning to the essentials:

--two kinds of cheddar curds from Blue Jacket Dairy (good for my artisan cheese/herb loaves)
--a block of Chouda from the Cheese Guy (cross between Cheddar and Gouda; another one for the breads)
--dandelion tea from the Weedy Woman
--50/50 coffee from One Happy Guy (who always loves it when I buy his coffee, though I don't drink it quickly enough for him!)
--a small basil seedling from the Master Gardener, something I plan to use with the garlic cheddar curds for artisan breads next week

In between checking in this morning and picking up inventory at the end of the day, I visited the Southern Belle and My Adorable Nephews and managed to harvest some lingering roots from last year's garden:

--a bumper crop of parsnips (about twice as many as I dug up on Christmas Eve!)

--a big handful of small but tasty carrots

There are still some green onions growing, too, but I didn't pull any of those today. With these vegetables, plus the greens still in the refrigerator, I knew I didn't have to buy any vegetables at the market this week!

Happy Spring to all!

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