Friday, March 05, 2010

Independence Days #40

Believe it or not, the sun is shining, and the temps are climbing to the high 30s. Bulbs are poking up left and right, now that the snow has begun to melt in earnest.

We're two weeks shy of the equinox, and anything can happen even into May, but for now, we're getting a sneak preview of springtime around northeastern Ohio -- and we love it!

Between that hope of warmer weather and the ever-lengthening days, I find I'm getting more of my energy back just in time for work (in all aspects) to pick up. And I'm definitely getting back into the planting groove: let the 2010 season begin!

1. Plant something: Leek and onion seeds for my new boss, the OEFFA Male.

2. Harvest something
: Nothing, but I did pull some weeds for The Winter Harvesters when I visited this week.

3. Preserve something
: Nothing.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not)
: Emptying, cleaning, and piling up canning jars and rings; cut empty toilet paper tubes in half to use for seed starting; shredded more paper for sheet mulching later in the season.

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Restocked on baking ingredients at Local Roots; milled more flour from local grains; received and sorted more vegetable and herb seeds; restocked on tea; cracked one bag of hickory nuts (ready to pick out the meats).

6. Build local food systems: Helped with gardening workshop registration at Local Roots; helped shoppers on market day; shared loaf of maple oatmeal bread for one of the market day cooking demonstrations (which resulted in my selling out of the bread!); baked bread for a friend who upgraded the memory on my computer; baked bread and a pear tarte tatin for a client; baked an applesauce spice cake for Scooter's birthday (which he really liked); made mashed squash with goat cheese and croutons for potluck; had another book review, this time for a gardening book, posted at The Ethicurean; visited The Winter Harvesters in pursuit of an article; started working with the OEFFA Male on his farm for the season; baked a lot for market day this week; arranged another pastry lesson with My Spiral Friend and her daughter; interviewed Emily at Preserving Traditions for another pair of articles. (Whew!)

7. Eat the food: Leftover cabbage bread pudding; homemade granola; mashed squash; popcorn; sauteed broccoli raab and garlic over pasta with goat feta cheese; a morning fry-up of hash browns, egg, local cheddar, and spinach; French toast made from a failed cinnamon swirl loaf (the seam burst open, so it was too "ugly" to sell)l; two delicious mixed greens salads!

Busy busy! And next week looks equally busy, with two days out at the farm, starting more seeds. As the Renaissance Man asked me recently, "How did you ever find time to work before you quit your job?"

Beats me -- but this is the kind of busy-ness I like!

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