Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baking Beauties

The rain so far this week has kept me away from the farm (too muddy for us to get out and clean up the vegetable beds yet), so I've put my time at home to good use -- baking.

Just because I bake loads and loads of bread for market each week doesn't mean I'm out of touch with other baking, especially on the sweet side. Trouble is, I haven't quite figured out what will sell. I think my taste (whole grains and less sweetness) just isn't the same as many people's taste buds demand, and I am not willing to cave in and make sweet treats that I wouldn't eat.

But I keep trying with what I have...

I made this delicious blueberry-almond cake lightly laced with lavender for my Sunday dessert client. Sweetened with honey and a hint of maple sugar in the oat streusel topping, it made a moist and satisfying dessert at home, too. (Only four pieces went to my client.) Perhaps once fresh fruit is in season, I can make this for the market, too.

This morning, I pulled out my grandmother's recipe for jelly bars and tweaked it significantly, adding Blue Jacket Dairy's Lemon Jewel Quark (like cream cheese) and whole wheat pastry flour to the dough, sweetening with honey, and using my homemade strawberry jam for the filling. The dough itself was so tempting that I ended up eating all the scraps (some baked), and while the pan is cooling now, the fragrance keeps luring me out to the kitchen to admire it. We'll see how well this one goes over this week!

I have other ideas for the bakery case -- not to be implemented this week -- and I may also try a whole wheat pita bread today to see if that's something I could work into the regular baking rotation.

What local baked goods would you love to find?

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At 3/24/2010 3:30 PM, OpenID eatclosetohome said...

I have a whole wheat apple cake recipe you might like. It's just apples, ww pastry flour, applesauce, some sugar, egg, and spices. Maybe some oil? When you pour it in the pan, it looks like chopped apples with a light smearing of batter. but you bake it, and WHOOF! Cake!

We put out samples at the Grange bake sale, and every single cake sold. :)

At 3/24/2010 5:15 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

That sounds pretty terrific, E -- would love to give that a whirl sometime. My various apple cake recipes call for either apples OR applesauce, not the two together.

At 3/29/2010 4:38 PM, Blogger TaraChristiane said...

Gosh, those jelly bars look amazing!
Quark... when our exchange student was here in 2000 she wanted to make us something with quark in it and we were all over Akron looking for it. Since then I've come across it a few times. Maybe it's finally taking hold in the States.

At 3/30/2010 6:55 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

A German friend tells me this is not quite like the quark she knows, but since I was using it as cream cheese, it worked fine for me. Though I may have to get some sometime and just eat it straight -- that lemon edge is lovely!!!


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