Saturday, February 06, 2010

Market Report: 2/6/10

You know that snow I mentioned in yesterday's post? Well, I hadn't been convinced that we would well and truly get the major snowfall that had been predicted...

...until I headed out at about 7:15 this morning, intending to deliver the last of my baked goods to Local Roots, and saw this. I think it's fair to say that we got the predicted amount!

And it kept coming down...

Being one of the few who (A) had a key to the market and (B) was able to get to the market, I ended up helping a couple of other people open up for the day: unpacking producers' items, setting things out for online order pickup, setting cookies and such in the pastry case, shoveling, and so on. What was going to be a mere "stop and shop" visit before I headed out of town ended up being a full day's work shift (with my trip canceled).

I will say that my contributions to the pastry case looked pretty elegant: dark chocolate seduction torte and buckwheat butter cookies (with cacao nibs). But I was pretty sure that I wouldn't sell out of either since I didn't think too many people would be in.

My shelf looked pretty terrific this week, too, but it was immediately apparent that I had baked waaaaaaaay too much bread, given the forecast!

But no matter: eventually One Happy Guy came in (with his family) and started brewing coffee, and while we waited for the snow to abate and the shoppers to trickle in, we volunteers enjoyed a morning coffee break with samples of bagels and goat cheese, plus pastries we had purchased to go along with that fresh locally-roasted brew. When we did finally spot a customer or two, we invited them to join us, in conversation if not in food.

Aside from ourselves, we probably had no more than 25 customers come through. Even the end of the snow, the clearing of roads, and the brilliant sunshine couldn't draw out most people (who were likely still blocked by big snow piles at home). But those who came in did buy a good bit, so my sales at the end of the day turned out to be about a quarter of what I had taken in -- and most of the remaining products can be carried over to next week -- so it was not a total loss.

In all, it really was a relaxing, comfortable day spent with some good people; I made a little money; and now I have the rest of the weekend free to do some restful things at home (like making soup!).

Snow fun if you can't enjoy it somehow, right?

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