Saturday, February 27, 2010

Market Report: 2/27/10

I hadn't intended to hang out at the market all day today, but once I got there, I was really too lazy to head back home.

But that's all right: by staying all day, I got to see how the crowds have picked up, how the cooking demonstrations are going, what is selling, and who is signing up for gardening classes. Plus, I had plenty of time to linger with other Local Roots folks (some of the volunteers) and to nurture some budding friendships.

I had contributed a loaf of my maple-oatmeal bread to the first cooking demo of the day, which featured locally-made sausage, local eggs, and local cheese for a little breakfast sandwich. That demo proved so popular and promoted my bread so well that I sold out of that variety by 11 AM! (And that particular cook can ask me for bread any time she wants to do a demo!)

The second demo featured a vegetarian turnip and chickpea curry, which made a delicious light lunch (along with a cheese roll from the bakery case). I enjoyed talking with that cook as well, swapping ideas for curries and her future demo plans.

When the gardening workshop organizer took a break for lunch, I covered the registration table for her and ended up signing up another person as well as chatting with other friends who came in the door. (Hey, with a cup of good locally-roasted coffee in hand, I can be mellow and laid-back and gregarious as some of the other folks around there!)

I did actually finish up my shopping early in the day, but I also bought two cups of coffee, a pretzel roll, and a cheese roll from the bakery, and then I went through the line again later to purchase a rosemary plant. Here's what else I found, partly to restock my baking supplies:

--five pounds of soft white wheat flour from the Spelt Baker's partner
--two containers of maple sugar from the Maple Man
--a dozen eggs from the Young Amish
--dill cheddar curds from Blue Jacket Dairy
--decaf coffee beans from One Happy Guy
--salad mix, green onions, broccoli raab from The Winter Harvesters
--spinach from the Cheerful Lady

Can you believe all that green stuff? Color me green with happiness!

By the end of the day, I had sold out of all but one loaf of bread, all my crackers and spiced nuts, all the pains au chocolat, and a respectable amount of baklava and scones. A very good day!

But now -- on with more baking!

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