Saturday, February 20, 2010

Market Report: 2/20/10

After missing market day last weekend due to my trip to the OEFFA conference, I knew I couldn't miss today's market at Local Roots.

Of course, since I took all of my goods to be sold to the market yesterday, I didn't have to get to the market very early. So I enjoyed a leisurely brunch with the Renaissance Man, nibbling on reheated leftover blini with blackberry jelly and maple yogurt. (Verrrrrry nice.)

While he headed off to The Farm, I headed into the kitchen to test a new recipe for a client. I had found this recipe for dried strawberry meringues in my copy of Food Drying With an Attitude and knew I had to give it a shot, especially since I had some dried strawberries at hand. After grinding the dried berries in my (cleaned-out) coffee grinder, I worked them into the stiff, beaten egg whites sweetened with a touch of maple sugar, spooned them onto a parchment-covered cookie sheet, and let them bake slowly. The result is a very light, crisp, airy treat with a burnt-caramel edge and an intense strawberry sweetness. I've never been a fan of meringues, but these I like.

After lunch, I headed down to the market, mostly to check on things and to relieve a volunteer at our gardening workshop registration table. The only thing I bought this week was a tub of goat's milk feta cheese from a local producer, but I did end up bringing home two unsold loaves of my own bread along with a loaf of raisin nut bread I got from another baker for one of my pain aux noix.

Things are kind of quiet at the market, so I hope we can pick up business a little more in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I'll just keep baking!

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