Friday, January 15, 2010

Independence Days #34

The weather has warmed up a bit the past couple of days, and the thick blanket of snow has started to melt, revealing patches of wilted grass and weeds along with dark, moist soil. Makes those seed catalogs look even more tempting!

I'm still eating strictly out of the pantry and other stored food at home -- haven't gone grocery shopping yet this year! -- but you could say I'm cheating because I've also eaten out a little more, between morning coffee breaks and a couple of meals with friends. Nonetheless, it's a pretty good track record, and I've got a list of other meal ideas to help me use some different things from storage.

Baking will occupy my morning tomorrow, and I feel the urge to break out of the box and make a pie with some of the cherries I canned last summer. With a largely open weekend ahead of me, there's no telling what trouble -- er, delicious experimentation -- I might get into.

But it's time to wrap up this past week before we move ahead:

1. Plant something: Started more broccoli sprouts.

2. Harvest something: Nothing -- sunflower sprouts are sloooooow.

3. Preserve something: I wanted to try sauerruben, but all my turnips were too shriveled.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Not a good week, having discovered the dry disaster of this year's root vegetable storage (sigh), not to mention a couple more rotting squash and sweet potatoes. Time to step up the pantry eating! On the other hand, I rescued a few glass eggnog bottles -- the local dairy takes back their milk bottles, but not these -- to use for dry storage (beans, grains, etc.).

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Started planning baking for market once it reopens; also loaded info into the online order system for some of my baked goods. Decided I didn't need to go out for groceries (again) since I still had a decent stash of baking ingredients on hand.

6. Build local food systems: Started sending out press releases for next round of events at Local Roots; updated LR profile on Local Harvest; worked out a list of naturally-sweetened desserts by request for a new baking client; shared baklava with friends; received the gift of Bermudan sweet-hot sauces from a former student assistant; worked out a seed order with the Sheep Lady; talked local foods adventures and pastry experiments with the incomparably sassy Spicyflower, back in town for a visit.

7. Eat the food: quiche with leek, carrots, broccoli; eggplant parmesan (with homemade sauce, kale added); parsnip-kale galette; pancakes; cooked chickpeas; hash browns; canned peaches; bread with grape jelly from The Archivist.

As you can see, eating from my food storage is turning out to be a wonderful challenge, and so far I've been able to keep my diet pretty varied.

I look forward to finding out what next week will bring!

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