Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bake to the Future

While things have been a little quiet, maybe even a little staid, here at Rolling in the Dough the past few weeks, big changes have gone on behind the scenes. As of last Friday, I've traded in the security of a steady job for the personal fulfillment of self-employment (or, as a friend likes to remind me, underemployment).

This new path allows me to combine my love of writing with keen editorial skills (which aren't always used on my own work, admittedly), along with a serious foray into farming and a continuation of my baking for Local Roots.

It's a little early to delve into the farming, and the writing isn't nearly so exciting as you might think, so today I'll just focus on what I've been baking, both for friends and for the planned re-opening of Local Roots this weekend.

Strangely, since I've never been a huge fan of cherries, I've had the notion for a few weeks now that I'd like to bake a French cherry pie with my home-canned cherries. This morning I ended up baking two -- one to share with the Renaissance Man, and one to give the Photographer. I managed to keep them from becoming cloyingly sweet, even with that buttery flour and maple sugar crumb topping, so I think everyone will be pleased.

I started baking for market earlier this week, with a batch of granola and two kinds of biscotti (chocolate-hazelnut and ginger-pecan), so today I was ready to turn to breads.

I've gotten hooked on the five-minute artisan bread for myself, and though I still need practice cloaking the dough for baguettes, I'm happy to practice that this week for an easy way to fill up my shelf at the market. (I've got another batch of dough rising, and I'll bake those loaves tomorrow.)

In addition, I made pain aux noix today and attempted to make maple-oatmeal bread (that didn't rise), but I'll try to get more baked tomorrow. And as long as I can make the time, I plan to have a very special treat in the glass bakery case next to the coffee bar... so check back later to see if I got it done.

As I discovered today, it's going to be a challenge juggling the demands of baking with the demands of my writing projects. Somehow, it will all work out, though I suspect every day will involve some negotiation of my to-do list.

But I'd better get bake at it...

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At 1/29/2010 1:08 PM, Blogger Jennifer Hugon said...


I cannot wait for the market tomorrow to get my paws on some of your yums! :)

At 1/29/2010 1:26 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Can I get you to stand next to my stuff tomorrow and drool? ;-) And baklava should be back next week...


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