Friday, December 18, 2009

Behind the Scenes of the Bake Market

I'm taking a vacation day today to crank out the rest of the baking -- chiefly breads -- to sell at the final holiday farmers' market at Local Roots tomorrow. I've been up for four hours, have downed a full pot of Irish breakfast tea, and here's a glimpse into the mad, mad productivity thus far this morning:

I finished off the artisan bread dough by making two za'atar flatbreads and one small loaf (not seen) that I'll share with the Cheerful Lady so she can showcase her new herb dipping blend. I also whipped up a batch of pesto scones and cut the dough into strips, twisting them for pseudo-breadsticks.

I made a batch of pain aux noix (shaped into three loaves) and started a batch of whole wheat pretzels (the dough is rising in the bowl at the back).

One box holds the orange chocolate baklava, the rosemary walnut cider twists, bags of rosemary walnuts, and the sesame thins I baked last night...

...while the other box holds the regular baklava as well as sunshine cookies, chai spice shortbread, and ginger pecan biscotti.

I'll need to finish off the pretzels later and make the challah, too, but all in all, it looks like a pretty good selection of products to sell at market. I am seriously proud of myself for getting so much done this morning -- and this week -- and for keeping the baking organized so that it goes so smoothly.

There is a method to my madness...

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At 12/18/2009 1:23 PM, Anonymous Mr. Clean said...

Great alternative idea for the scone dough! I'm sure it'll be a hit at the market. Wishing you much success.

At 12/18/2009 5:06 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Ta ever so, Mr. C! I would have liked the dough to twist better, but being that it's a flakier dough than bread dough, one or two twists was all I could manage.

If anything, the rampant knot theme should amuse people. And I will have a LOT of bread...


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